U#021 – “Let him cook!”

  • All Creator Micro preorders have been shipped! (We plan to fulfill all outstanding newer Micro orders this week)
  • Creator Micro/Boards, all keysets and desk mats are now in-stock
  • Nomad E development is on track to ship in (late) Q1 2024
  • Nomad E mold files needed to be adjusted
  • Nomad E firmware v1 is being tested with Input this month for UX and bugs – Free 16mb to 32mb micro controller upgrade for everyone
  • Our new website has easy access to all updates underneath all product names with updated ETA for shipping



Hello everyone👋


Dang these months fly by fast. We’ve been cooking like crazy, thank you for being patient for this update. I don’t like releasing small updates since they are a lot of work even if they are small to communicate it to everyone effectively – plus I don’t want to spam you guys. Here’s the progress we’ve made in the last month, and in case you wanted to watch it we also made a video update:


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Creator Micro 📦

I’m very happy to announce all preordered Micros have been shipped. We are working with a new 3PL company that will expand our fulfillment team to make sure wait times go way down during peak moments throughout the year. Last week was their first week, and this week they will be fulfilling all new Micro orders we’ve received. Thank you all for your patience, I think you’ll find it was worth the wait. We are very happy with the result/effort we put in while in China to deliver a great product to you all.



This photo represents a lot more than just some nicely packaged products. It represents our ability to move out of the “mom & pop shop” phase most startups get stuck in. It shows that we can create not only the products, but the demand to succeed in tough market conditions. I don’t want to say we’ve “made it”, since we still have a long way to go before we can call ourselves industry leaders, but bit by bit we’re getting there!


Nomad [E] ⚙️

This past month was very busy with fixing small issues with the molds, but mainly was spent getting the hardware to work properly with Input.


  • Added a slight lip to make the dial tip easier to remove in the future when we release other dial tips 
  • Added a pass through hole in the PCB in the event the stem breaks in the encoder (easier to repair)
  • The hexagonal stem is running along the entire body so the “potential break point” because it was to short is avoided. This give to the stem more flexibility and strong body



  • TPU material to make them more pleasurable and less plastic (a bit more rubbery, and more soft, and won’t have any wobble )



Display bracket

  • Added ribs, and openings to the frame to be able to remove if damaged or faulty



Incline stand

  • Added ribs
  • Material TPU
  • Fixed tolerance for the magnets


Top housing

  • Increased the thickness of the shell to make it more solid
  • The increased thickness is going to make the Atomic purple color deeper
  • Created 3 macro groups (top shell/PCB and plate/ bottom) to make it easy to swap for alternate colorways in the future – Remove 12 screws/keycaps 




  • Added a top edge bevel, this will catch the light very nicely (similar to screen protectors with a round edge)
  • Added double tape to the glass that makes it easy to repair if needed




  • Needed to create our own low profile stabilizer to allow for our dual PCB Ansi/ISO layout 

It’s possible we change how we implement the stabilizer solution, we are talking to manufacturers and working out the best solution. The goal is to not make something proprietary as we want our keycaps to work on other builds, hence why the keycaps still looks similar to a standard keycap on the bottom. The problem is the stabilizer has to be plate mounted without going through the PCB like the current low pro stabilizers currently do.



We have been working on each aspect of the firmware individually to make sure each part works. HID, BT, the display, widget animations, input lag, etc. This has been more challenging than initially expected and has been taking a lot of time to get right. Classic problem of “fixing one things, breaks another”. We’re getting there though, the goal is to have the stable version with everything merged by mid-late December, so we can run the production in January.

We also discovered that the 16mb micro controller we are currently using won’t have enough room to locally host all the widgets, plus new ones, so they can work without Input installed. With that being said we are upgrading everyone’s board to a 32mb MCU that way you’ll be able to have up to (roughly) 6 widgets installed locally. This is going to be particularly useful for our corporate backers that always have a hard time getting 3rd party software installed on their work computers.



Software (Input) 🎛️

We have also made progress on Input. Some of the notable progress we’ve made is getting the board to auto-flash the mappings directly to the MCU. This means when a change is made in the software, it immediately is reflected in the hardware. This is something consumers have come to expect as tech giants have supported this UX for a while, but trust me it isn’t trivial to implement😅

It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely coming along:



Keycaps ⌨️

We have received  many requests for our keycaps for the Nomad E to be sold separately. We will be making these keysets available in the future, but don’t have an exact release date for them. We are a small team, so we need to focus on core tasks at hand, but they will come!



That’s it for now!

– Mike
Co-Founder @ work louder inc.

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