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Plug in & Open VIA

VIA is the software you will use to map your device. Once you’ve set up your device you won’t need to have it open.

*If your device lights up, but doesn’t connect try using a different cable.

*Only available for Chrome

Map your shortcuts

To get the most out of your device map your shortcuts/macros to any button, or dial, that feels most natural to you!

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  • Map shortcuts with the “Any” key (Found under “Special” menu option, click “Any” key at the bottom of the list)
    • ex. undo on mac = G(KC_Z) / redo on mac = G(S(KC_Z))
    • Command = G
    • Control = C
    • Shift = S
    • Alt/option = A
  • Hover over a key in VIA to see the keycode: Full list here
🤔 FAQ​:

VIA isn’t detecting my device, what do I do?

If your device lights up, but isn’t detected, this means you are using a cable only suitable for charging, not sending data. Try changing the cable to one used for other keyboards.

How do I update/reinstall the factory firmware for my Creator Micro?

  1. Download QMK toolbox
  2. Then download the firmware file in this Google Drive folder
  3. Open QMK toolbox, and in the top “file search bar” section select the file called “1 – Creator Micro firmware fix”.
  4. Click “flash” and your micro will be fixed!

If the Flash button isn’t able to be pressed you need to unscrew the Micro from the base and hold down the small physical button on the bottom while plugging it in.

Want to type faster?​

Visit to practice typing with your Creator Board. Remember to always place your index finger on the F and J keys
and to use the finger closest to the letter you want to press. The goal is to move your hands as little as possible.

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