The Creator Board and its modules works straight out of the box, but let's be real, you don't want "out of the box" you want full creative control over every key and dial. Follow the steps below to unlock your board's full potential.

Open VIA Configurator

VIA is the software that will enable you to create macros and remap every key, dial, and layer. Available on Mac, PC & Linux.

Customize your layout

Watch this 1min overview video of VIA’s feature set to help you learn the basics.

Play Video

Master the basics of VIA in 4 short videos. Unlock the power of macros, layers, RGB, and pre-made keymaps by other creators.

Getting to know
layer keys

Using layers will give you access to x3 the number of keys you physically have in front of you! We suggest using each layer to hold your shortcuts/macros for your different apps/programs.
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Macro & dials
*updated version

Say goodbye to having to use two hands, and multiple buttons to activate a shortcut! Macros will enable you to execute multiple keystrokes with one single key.
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Controlling RGB color / brightness / pattern

Quickly browse different colors and patterns to give your setup the perfect vibe.
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Saving & loading
new keymaps

Download experienced creator’s keymaps to gain speed and efficiency in your workflow, by emulating where they have their macros/shortcuts positioned!
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Want to type faster?​

Visit to practice typing with your Creator Board. Remember to always place your index finger on the F and J keys
and to use the finger closest to the letter you want to press. The goal is to move your hands as little as possible.

The power of our Community

Join our passionate community of creators to get build help,
project ideas and be part of the development of new modules for your Creator Board.

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