for Everyone.

[E] for Everyone.

The first keyboard designed to get you in the zone, and keep you there.

Funded in less than 30sec on Kickstarter!

Know Productivity Efficiency Passion Creativity with no limits.

A crisp IPS display boasts everything from pomodoro timer, to a playful Tamagotchi-style companion, a trusty clock and much more.

01 Display

[no] distractions.

The integrated pomodoro timer leverages a scientifically proven work/rest methodology that is adaptable to any workflow – empowering you to accomplish more in less time.

The concept is simple. Work for 25 minutes, rest for 5, repeat.

02 Keycaps

[no] compromise.

We redesigned our custom keycaps to hug your fingertips even more perfectly than before. Deeper spherical dishing on the alpha keys, and a flat profile on the modifiers helps you type with confidence, no matter if it’s for work, or play.

Mounted to our custom tuned “Atomic” MX Gateron switches, you can use our keycaps on the Nomad[E], or your favorite MX keyboard – low profile, or not.

Atomic low profile switch:
Linear / 37gr / double stage spring / pre-lubed / hot-swap

03 Layout

[E] for everyone.

“E” for Every nomad out there. With dual layout ISO/ANSI, typing with your native layout is no problème.

Full compatibility: works with Mac, Pc, Linux & iOS devices
ANSI layout: US

04 Hardware

[no] input. All output.

Connect up to 3 devices wirelessly with Bluetooth & 2.4ghz dongle, and keep your space cable free – at least for when the guests come over.

On the move? No problem, the large on-board memory lets you work like at home, letting you take all your shortcut keymaps with you, without the need to download host software.

Dual Core 32-bit processor. Definitely smarter than your co-worker’s keyboard… I mean by like x15
16mb on-board memory allowing for plenty of room for your keymaps, and new widgets
1.9″ IPS backlit display to keep everything under control at a glance
Smart power system to keep the keyboard awake/on standby to improve battery longevity

05 Tools/Functions

[no] code.

Make work more like play with Input, our “no code” keyboard configurator. Intuitively map shortcuts, and custom actions, to any key or dial for surprising new levels of efficiency.

Group similar tools, functions on one key using Input’s Multi-tap. Tap to copy, double tap to paste, tap and hold to paste-in-place – easy.

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