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Modular keyboards
for daily creators

Creator Board [ext]

Say hello to your
new keyboard

We designed a high aesthetic modular keyboard for creatives that need more speed, comfort, and versatility during their workflow.

Whether you are an illustrator, 3D designer, photographer, developer, or streamer you need tools that augment your creativity, and help you realize your vision. We built this board for you – we built the only keyboard that adapts to you.

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plug and play

Fully modular grid
system keyboard

The Creator Board [ext] is composed of 3 primary boards: Work board, Nano pad, and Loop pad, which all bring different levels of utility to your workflow. Thanks to the modular gird system of the base plate, you can arrange and add new component in the way that fits you best.


work louder than you talk

Be a pioneer in the revolution of the keyboard world. Get your Creator Board [ext] now!

mix n' match

Make it yours

Harness the power of your
inner short-cut ninja

Blaze through design iterations by easily assigning a completely custom keyboard layout for your short-cuts and macros, or modify an existing default layout for any of our supported software.

Supported software

Photoshop / Illutrator

Quick access to all the tools you need, manage colors, make adjustments to brush settings on-the-go, and much more with a simple turn or click of a button or dial.

Premiere / After Effects

Move along timeline as never before, use dials for precision movement back and forth on the timeline, add frames, markers, add presets with a single click and get the full control over all parameters with the turn of a dial.

No worries, we didn’t forget about Audition, Indesign, Lightroom and all the family, you can configure all keys and dial for all the functions and tools.

Quick access to all the tools you need to organize your clips, navigate through timeline, cut and trim clips, and make precision edits to color, effects and much more. Get the professional grade video editing experience you need.

Not only the Adobe family, create your art freely also with Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher. Quickly navigate through softwares and control everything from lines, brushes, to fonts. Zoom in and out of artboard, and make fine adjustments to color, opacity and more.

Intuitively control live video streams on Streamlabs and OBS Studio. Control all the aspect of your live-stream, increases the quality of your content and enjoy more time engaging with your audience!
Creator Board [ext] offers full control over all parameters with the turn of a dial or a simple click: arranging, mixing and composing music without leaving the creative flow.
Enclose all your favorite tools inside Creator Board [ext] to call functions, edit objects, change polygon subdivisions, quick access to sculpting tools and brushes, but more important save time during modeling.


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